Your Wedding Vows

Deciding on wedding vows can be easier with careful thought

Your wedding vows may be fixed in stone by religious tradition. You may have to let your minister perform the same ceremony that has been used for decades. On the other hand, in more modern settings, the bride and groom often can have the wedding vows written exactly as they want them.

Traditional wedding vows have been heard and are familiar to all of us. "To Love, honor, and cherish" are known regardless of how or where you brought up. They are as familiar as wedding gowns are to weddings. There is nothing wrong with going along with traditional vows which have powerful words of love and commitment to each other. Many hold a special place in their heart for these time honored vows. If you like custom and convention or if these vows hold a special place in our heart, by all means include them in your wedding ceremony.

Planning a wedding can be a challenging task that is mainly done by the bride and her family. Guys are often left out on most choices about colors, cakes and decorations. The wedding vows are one area where the groom may have to participate in the preparation. Since many couples write their own wedding vows the groom may need to sit down and prepare his with his bride to be.

Now, it is very common for couples to write their own vows. They include things they feel are meaningful to their lives and create wording that give them a sense of being bonded in love and pledged commitment to a lasting bond of marriage.

If you choose to write your own wedding vows there are unlimited options and variations. You can pen your vows from your hearts and minds in a way the expresses your love and devotion to each other. These vows can be so personal that they touch the hearts of those hearing them.

Some like to take their vows from literary quotes, song lyrics, favorite poems and other non-original material. All that matters is that it express your feelings for your beloved one. Today, almost anything that says how you feel about one another is acceptable.

When you choose to write your own vows and are having a hard time coming up with what to say, slow down and relax. You have time. Sit with your love or by yourself, close your eyes and think about your fiancée and how you will compose, "my wedding vows". What would you say to them if they were with you with no one else around? If you find the best way to tell that person you love them and want to be with them forever, then you are close to having the plan for your vows. In your mind, tell them how deeply you love then and what you promise to be and do as the best husband or wife. The words will come to you and you will find they create a beautiful wedding ceremony with vows that are loving and personal.

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