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Your wedding video lets you remember with more just than pictures

Soon after the first video cameras were available, wedding videography was born. You can keep memories of your special day alive in your heart with videos taken at your wedding and reception. You will see, hear and remember everything that happened. Little things that happened and you missed will be recorded for you. Video is able to capture more than any photograph is capable of. Regardless of how professionally a photo is done, video will bring it to life.

Usually video is done by a friend or family member who owns a video camera. As video cameras became small and less costly, you began seeing more of them at weddings. Anyone with a camcorder who will volunteer to tape the ceremony and reception is recruited. The problem is that many well meaning amateur videographers have shaky hands, zoom in and out too fast and pan a scene so fast you lose it's beauty.

Hiring a profession wedding videographer to video your wedding is about the same cost than a wedding photographer. If you want a video recording of your wedding, it is a very good idea to use a professional rather than letting a friend with a camcorder take you treasured videos. Yes, your friend may have the ability to capture the events of your wedding ceremony and reception, but a professional will supply lighting and sound and is able to edit the video to make your wedding video as beautiful and memorable as possible. A professional studio can add detailed animations to fade in and out of scenes so you have a professional movie, instead of a home movie. Professionals know how to capture every scene and moment in a ceremony and reception. They do so without being overly obtrusive to your and your wedding guests.

Your professional videography should provide you with a DVD of your wedding. Most professionals can transfer taped video to DVD without losing any quality. They may have interactive menus and chapter selections on the DVD. Since DVD's last longer than magnetic tape, your memories will last a lifetime with the same quality as the day they were taken. You will also be able to easily make copies of the DVD to share with friends and relatives. Be sure you have copyright permission to do that before you agree to video terms.

Yes, your friend may still do a good job of videoing your wedding, but before you commit to his/her services, take a look at example of their other home videos. At the very least you want some quality that looks fairly professional. The camcorder used should be a DV or digital video camcorder so transferring video to DVD is easier. You may not get the same quality as a professional would give you, but a friend is a good option when money is a factor in your decision.

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