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Converting Your Wedding Video To Digtal Video Is Easy To Do

As technology moves forward, it takes us along with it. In the 1980's people had their old Super 8 home movies converted to videocassettes so they could be easily viewed using a VCR. Since videotape lasts longer than film, it made sense to convert old movies to a new format. People had 8mm birthdays, babies and weddings turned into videotape presentations. Converting wedding videos to DVD was just around the corner.

When video cameras became a consumer product, the older 8mm video cameras became obsolete. As people began using videotape for filming everything, the wedding video was born.

Time moves on and technology has shifted again. VHS tapes are disappearing from the marketplace and being replaced by DVDs. It is time to convert your old home movies again. This time transferring them to long lasting DVD format. Whether you are getting married soon or were married years ago, now is the time to think about converting your wedding memories to DVD format. It is easy to create high quality duplicates of DVDs right on you own computer. Once you have your memories on DVD you can share copies with friends and family around the world.

It is not complicated to convert video to DVD. You can convert your wedding videos to DVD, but if you do it yourself you will need the equipment to do it. First you will need a DVD burner and a way to hook your VCR to the DVD recording device. A DVD burner in your computer is the most common way to burn home DVDs. Next you need to interface your VCR to your computer. Your local computer store will have the necessary hardware to make this connection. The hardware package should come with software to help you edit your video if necessary.

Next you simply record the wedding video in the VCR onto your computer's hard drive. Your input device should have come bundled with software to accomplish this or you can buy a stand-alone product. Usually the bundled software is a lite version. A product like Pinnacle Studio Plus will come with more bells and whistles. I hear Sony's Vegas Video is another good choice in editing software.

Video takes up a lot of drive space, so be sure you have enough space for each video you plan to convert to DVD. With enough hard drive space you can put multiple videos on the drive and mix and edit them easier. Videos will normally be saved as MPEG format files. Once your video is saved to your hard drive, edited and combined with other videos, it is simply a matter of burning your DVD. You will use the software that came with your DVD burner. The software will have the instructions you need to do this. It can take some time to process video, so relax while it does its magic. Converting video to DVD is as simple as that.

You now have your memories safely stored on a DVD, which can be viewed in any DVD home video player or computer that has a DVD player. You wedding can be enjoyed forever. You can burn copies and share them. You can backup the video and store a copy somewhere other than you home, so in the event of a disaster, you memories are safe.

Some people may not have the equipment and software to create a DVD version of a VHS tape. Don't worry, there are companies that can do this for you at a very reasonable price. Do an Internet search for "VHS to DVD" and you will find many companies that offer this service. They will even convert your old 8mm movies to DVD format for you a low cost per reel of film.

However you choose to convert you wedding video to DVD, the result will be a new format that will let you enjoy your old wedding videos and other home movies on the latest format, a format that is made to last.

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