Wedding Reception Music

The music at your reception can be as personal as your wedding.

Music choices are as unlimited as your imagination. On of the important decisions you will have to make to create your perfect wedding is choosing your wedding reception music. What is a wedding reception without music? Without music and without dancing? Should you hire a DJ or a band? Or maybe you could just play tunes for everyone to dance to? The choice is to you on what type of music you want at your reception to how it is played.

One popular option is to hire a band to provide the music at your wedding reception music. There are "cover bands" or musicians that specialize in performing renditions of popular songs. How much it costs to hire a band varies according to the experience and popularity of the band. A highly skilled band tends to be highly sought after and therefore more expensive to hire. Having a live band at your reception brings a greater level of excitement to the party atmosphere of a wedding reception. Your guests are sure to enjoy listening to and dancing to live music.

Some couples prefer a DJ for their wedding. There are three advantages to hiring a DJ as compared to a band. . First, a DJ tends to cost a lot less than an entire band costs. Additionally, the DJ will have access to original recordings of popular songs. Your guests can shimmy to Baby Got Back or The Locomotion by the original artists rather than a rendition performed by an unknown singer. The DJ will have access to a far greater number of songs than any band is likely to have in its repertoire. For these reasons many couples enjoy hiring a DJ to supply their wedding reception music.

Another option is to simply supply the wedding reception music yourself. All you need is a computer that is equipped with a CD burner. You can create CD's full of .mp3 music files to play at the reception. With .mp3 files you can get nearly ten hours of music on one CD. You can choose exactly what songs you want, place them on the CD in the order that you like, and just pop it in to play at the reception. This is possibly the most cost effective option as it will cost very little or nothing at all to compile the CD.

The downsides of creating your own music are that you are left with just a group of songs and no live interactivity whatsoever and you must have a specific type of CD player in order to play a disc full of .mp3 files. You will also need to provide a decent sound system unless the reception hall happens to come equipped with one. Finally, think of the time factor. This could be a fun thing to put together or it could be a last minute stress builder.

Regardless of the source of your music, another consideration is how loud you want the music. If you have friends and relatives who haven't seen you or each other for months or years, very loud music will make it hard hear and to catch up on old times and new happenings. Be sure you are in control of the volume whether you want it low or loud.

As you can see, there are a number of options available for providing music for your wedding reception. Choosing the right one for you is simply a matter of deciding what you want and what you can afford.

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