Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Choosing your wedding invitation reflects you and your love

Your choice of wedding invitations is just as important as any of the choice you have to make in preparation for your wedding. The invitation is your official announcement that will beautifully showcase your names together and the date of your upcoming union. You can cherish you invitation forever when you frame it or have it in your wedding scrapbook.

If is very important to carefully choose the company who will make them. Be sure it is a respectable company. Do they do good work, paying attention to even the smallest details? Is getting the invitations sent out at a reasonable time part of their reputation? Is their price reasonable. When you find a good company to order your invitations from, they will be able to help you decide the wording to use and the etiquette to use in unusual situations.

Your wedding invitation choice will be based on the tone you want set for your wedding. It should match your style and theme, whether it is casual and light or a more formal ceremony. You may also think about applying wedding colors to the ink of invitations. This will give guests the hint of your wedding colors when they want to buy you gifts that reflect your special day.

For unique styles when choosing your wedding invitation, think about having your stationary company put a black and white photo of you and your soon to be groom on the invitation. There are also many different types of clip art you can add. See our page, Choosing Wedding Graphics. For a more formal wedding, add ribbons and bows to the invitation, which can be tied on by you after printing is done.

As you choose your wedding invitations, think about what information you will want to include. Be sure there will be ample room for what you want to say. A typical invitation includes the bride and grooms names, parent's names, date and time of wedding and the name and address of the church. You may also want to include any plans of a reception with times and address. Response cards can be added with the invitations for an additional fee which will ask the guest to send back an answer to whether they are attending and how many there will be in their party.

Once you have chosen your wedding invitations, give yourself plenty of time to order them so you can proofread the writing and have them corrected if necessary. Be sure to have an accurate guest list so that you do not run short on invitations when sending them out. They should be sent out no sooner than a month before the wedding and no later than two weeks before. By sending them out too soon, guests may lose the invitation and forget your big day and by sending them out too late, many people will have a hard time attending because of prior obligations.

When choosing invitations remember to pick the one you feel fits your wedding and style, pay attention to wording, order early, and proofread. Always save an invitation back for yourself for you and your spouse to read in the years to come.

With inexpensive color printers and a large assortment of papers, it is possible for you to print your own invitations. Remember this is another task to accomplish so if you plan on making your own invitations, get them printed up and envelopes purchased well in advance of the date they need to be sent. You can be as creative as you want and can add beautiful borders and graphics you find or purchase. Read our page Choosing Wedding Graphics for graphics options.

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