Fun And Practical Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be fun and practical

The wedding favor ideas you are considering should reflect a memory you want your guests to take away with them as a token of the couple’s appreciation for attending. Magazines and websites are full of ideas that are not too costly depending, of course, on how many guests are expected. Outside of price, the primary considerations for choosing between wedding favor ideas is whether they will be practical or whimsical, lasting or perishable.

Wedding favor ideas that satisfy both the whimsical and perishable categories could be of the edible type. Luxurious bonbons are always popular favors and can be personalized as they are made. Any confectioner or candy store can provide these and you can taste before you buy.

M&M’s offers personalized candies that you can order online, too. You can be more practical in your edible wedding favor ideas with customized breath mints. Another edible wedding favor idea is mini-wedding cakes. The baker of the wedding cake can also make miniature replicas for guests to take home.

Practical and lasting (yet still fun) wedding favor ideas can include items that could be used in future celebrations. Customized wine keys or bottle openers are useful and will definitely remind people fondly of the couple that gave it to them.

Pillar candles or boxed tapered candles can be imprinted and given as favors guests will use and appreciate. Since the lasting and more practical wedding favor ideas may cost a bit more than the perishable ones, it is a good idea to make them unisex. Colors should be neutral and the item should be something both men and women can use.

For even more personalized wedding favor ideas, the couple could consider making a project of the wedding favors and creating them from scratch. Although there are probably a lot of tasks on the plates of both the bride and the groom, coming together to create a symbol of the union may give the two a much needed reminder of what the event really means to them and what they want the people sharing it to take away from the event.

This is a chance for the couple to be creative and even silly. Hand painted seashells, decorated candle holders or pillar candles, or even loose candies packaged and signed by hand are some personalized wedding favor ideas. This is the time to explore talents and gifts the couple share with each other and want to share with their nearest and dearest.
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