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What Is A Pre-Wedding Checklist? Do I Really Need One?

Future brides and grooms have a lot on their minds getting ready for their big day. It is difficult keeping it all in order. Having a pre-wedding check list is a good idea. The list helps you remember everything and it minimizes problems related to even the smallest detail.

You will lessen your stress if you have a check list which you can alter to fit you special needs. As you cross things off for completed tasks you will know things are getting done in a timely manner. Your list will insure nothing will be forgotten when the big day arrives. You will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding knowing all the details have been taken care of and everything has been checked off of your list.

Each couples list will vary, but some things will be common like reserving the date with your florist, photographer and band or DJ. Of course you will put the date and time of the wedding and reception, being sure the church and reception locations are reserved. You should have these steps set up 6 to 12 months in advance of the wedding.

Other things to add to your list include creating your wedding budget, ordering announcements and invitations, and choosing your wedding party. Picking a dress and tuxedo rental store, ordering wedding rings and arranging for your cake are all things you should have on a good check list.

Some of these things seem very obvious, but is often the obvious that gets overlooked until the last minute. Last minute arrangements are often not as good as those planned well in advance.

When you get closer to the wedding, you should have reminders to order the cake and flowers, address invitations, plan a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party and select the music. All of these things should be done about four months in advance.

You will need to go over your checklist about four to six weeks before the wedding. At that time you will begin mailing invitations, get a final fitting for your wedding gown, select gifts for your wedding party and place your announcement in your local newspaper. Be sure your list includes sending thank you notes for any showers and receptions that have been given in your honor.

Think of the feeling of satisfaction and organization you will have as you continue to cross tasks off of your checklist. If you add even the smallest details to your checklist, you will find things go a lot smoother than you expected.

About two weeks before your wedding you will want to make final arrangements and approval for your flowers. You will need to go to the courthouse and get your marriage license. You should have a list of wedding gifts you begin receiving and who sent them so you will be able to send thank you cards.

Put changing names on accounts and official documents on your list. Name changes will need to be done where you work. Changes in tax withholding should be considered also. A list will help you remember these things.

This is just a partial list of things to include on your pre-wedding checklist. The list will give you an idea of how many details you will need to take care of throughout your wedding planning. By staying organized with a list and give yourself plenty of time to complete each task, you will have a calmer, stress free wedding.

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