Wedding Centerpieces Inspirations For Budget Wedding Reception Centerpieces

A little creativity and inspiration can mean beautiful wedding centerpieces.

When guests enter the reception area all eyes are drawn to the wedding centerpiece.  Centerpieces are designed to be visually appealing and they can be fun, casual, elegant or elaborate.  They are the most important element in the wedding reception decoration and often cost much more than the bridal bouquet.  Luckily, there are ways to cut on costs while creating the perfect wedding centerpiece that will complement your theme.

You can save a huge chunk of money with a do-it-yourself wedding centerpiece.  Use flowers in season, or get creative with unique vases and non-flower arrangements.  Even if you employ a florist, you can save hundreds of dollars with low-cost alternatives to traditional wedding centerpieces.

Look For Unique Vases Or Flower Holders
Flowers are a popular choice for centerpieces but you can create a stunning display with unique vases.  Look for glass vases in different colors and unusual shapes.  You can also use other items to hold the flowers, such as fishbowls or birdcages.  Add pearls, colorful stones, feathers, etc. that match your wedding theme.

Opt For Seasonal Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Get creative ideas for wedding decorations from the season that you are getting married.  Centerpieces for a summer wedding can include seashells, colorful pebbles, colored sand, or nautical items.  For a winter wedding, use holiday items in your wedding centerpiece.  A fall wedding centerpiece can incorporate pumpkins into the decorations.  Pumpkins can be filled with candles or flowers.

Get Creative With Alternative Ideas

Still looking for unique ideas for your wedding centerpiece?  Ask your florist, caterer and wedding planner for ideas.  They can give you a lot of options for an affordable but elegant centerpiece.

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