Wedding Cake Toppers

Your choice of a wedding cake topper can be traditional or creative

Choosing from the wide array of wedding cake toppers is another way for the bride and groom to express their unique personality as a couple. There is a much greater selection and number of options than one might think. An easily overlooked detail, wedding cake toppers can leave a lasting impression on the wedding guests and provide a timeless keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

Since it is possible to commission customized wedding cake toppers, they can also further the theme of the wedding. Many couples are not aware of all the options open to them and miss out on an opportunity to add some fun and a unique aspect to the time honored tradition.

Ready-made wedding cake toppers can be found in many styles. The baker commissioned to make the cake will have some options to choose from and online shopping will add many more. Most couples choose a general likeness and it is fairly easy to have certain physical features such as skin and hair color or certain ethnic traits incorporated in wedding cake toppers. There are also ready-made wedding cake toppers that don’t feature a representation of the bride and groom at all such as doves, hearts or flowers which can coordinate with the cake design or the theme of the wedding.

Internet shopping has opened up a whole new industry in the creation of wedding cake toppers. Couples can even choose to have a likeness of them in their actual wedding day apparel. When choosing wedding cake toppers that are personalized, it is important to remember the time it will take for the manufacturing and delivering.

Since this is a relatively inexpensive element of the wedding planning, it is possible to replace a disappointing product with plenty of time to spare. When shopping for wedding cake toppers, dimensions and shape of the cake should also be taken into consideration. It is best to choose the design of the wedding cake first.

With all the serious and practical decisions that have to be made regarding the wedding day, shopping through wedding cake toppers can be the most fun the couple gets to have together while working on the big event. Wedding cake toppers also give the couple a chance to interject some whimsy and fun into their wedding. There are so many variations in the design of these ornaments that there is no excuse for being limited to the wooden-looking statuettes of old.
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