Wedding Cake Tips
How To Choose Your Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake size, shape, flavor and more.

 The wedding cake is one of the most memorable elements in the wedding reception.  The cake has to be beautifully designed and decorated because it will feature in many of your wedding pictures.  Today there are numerous choices when it comes to wedding cake designs.  Here are some things to think about when choosing the cake of your dreams.

Cake Shape and Size

Wedding cakes are traditionally round or square, but many bakers now offer oval, heart, bell or hexagonal shapes.  Creative bakers can even make castles, lighthouses, cars, carousels, etc.  When choosing the shape, keep in mind that traditional shapes are easier to cut and serve to your guests.

The most important factor in deciding the size of your wedding cake is the number of guests.  Give your baker the guest number and your budget.

Wedding Cake Flavors

Your wedding cake must be visually appealing but it must also taste good.  Some of the popular flavor options include vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, mocha, fruit cake, cheesecake, coconut and white chocolate cream.  If you have a wedding cake with multiple tiers, you can consider choosing different flavors for each tier.  Traditionally, the top layer is a fruit cake that you can keep for your first wedding anniversary.

Wedding Cake Icing and Decorations

Wedding cakes are often decorated with flowers.  They can be fresh or made of icing or silk.  When using fresh flowers, have your florist coordinate with your baker.  Your florist can also suggest what flowers will hold their shape and color better.  Flowers used for cake decorations must be pesticide-free.

Wedding cakes can be frosted in fondant icing, traditional hand-spread icing, or a simple sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar.  Fondant icing is a popular choice because of its smooth finish.  It is also easy to attach decorations to fondant.

When choosing your design look through books and magazines.  Talk to your baker and bring samples of the bride’s dress material, reception colors, picture of any cake you would like them to design and any special decoration or center piece you have chosen.  Your cake topper can be a teddy bear bride and groom, cartoon-style characters, or something that’s uniquely special for you.

Choosing Your Baker

            Here are a few tips when choosing your cake designer or baker:

In general wedding cakes must be ordered 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding date.  Once you have decided on your wedding cake, ask for the cost and deposit amount.  Make arrangements for the date and time of pickup or delivery. 

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