Wedding Announcements

Announcing your wedding is another important task

One of the most exciting things you can do is get married. The process of planning and executing a wedding ceremony takes a lot of time and attention to detail. Once the wedding is over it is obvious that all of the stress involved was more than worth it. Once the wedding is done, there are a still few details that should be taken care of. Wedding announcements are on of those things.

Wedding announcements are sent out to let people know that you are married. Usually it is the bride or her family that takes care of this. There are a number of ways of completing wedding announcements.

An announcement in the newspaper is very common. If you want to announce your wedding in your local newspaper, you will want to contact the offices of the publication for information on how to do this. Check the paper's wedding page as well since many newspapers print their guidelines for wedding announcements right there. Different publications will have different ways of going about this, so it's important to look into each one if you plan to submit wedding announcements to more than one newspaper. Some papers will charge a nominal fee to publish wedding announcements and some will do it for free. Some will also print photographs with the announcement if you so desire. Again, check with the individual publication to see what they will and won't do.

The information to include in a newspaper wedding announcement will depend on how much you want to print and how much the paper is willing to print. Some papers will ask that the bride fill out a simple form, others will ask that the information simply be submitted. Some of the information that you will want to consider including is the bride's full name, the names of the bride's parents and their place of residence (the city or town, not their street address), the names of the bride's grandparents (both sides of the family), what school or college the bride attends or graduated from, the bride's occupation, the name of the groom and his place of residence, the names of the groom's parents and their place of residence, names of the groom's grandparents (again, on both sides), where the groom attended school or college, the groom's occupation, and details about the wedding itself such as the date and location, the names of those in the wedding party and their relationships (if any) to the bride or groom, where the couple has gone for their honeymoon, and any other information you may deem pertinent or interesting.

Sending out personal wedding announcements is also appropriate. These are typically be sent in the names of the bride's parents and will go to friends, relatives, and acquaintances who were not invited to the wedding itself. It is customary to send these wedding announcements immediately following the wedding date. If the wedding were held on, say, Saturday the first, the wedding announcements should be in the mail on Monday the third.

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