Titanium Wedding Ring

Titanium Is A Beautiful Modern Metal For Wedding Rings

Nothing is more meaningful than the traditional wedding ring. Wedding rings signify the undying love and devotion of the wedding couple. Wedding rings go far back into history. In modern times the wedding band is usually made of gold, but this is changing. Today there are many more options than when you parents were married.

You can still get all of the traditional wedding bands, but there are now more designs from intricate Celtic patterns to simple white gold rings. There are platinum rings and a new choice, titanium. Titanium rings are becoming more popular with modern couples. There are a number of reasons for this.

One of the big ones is the price of titanium rings compared to the gold rings. Titanium rings are just as beautiful as gold rings, but much less expensive. You can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a comparable gold ring. If you have to choose the poorest quality gold ring or a high quality titanium ring, your budget could make the decision for you. If you are on a budget, titanium rings could be a very good choice.

Titanium is a very long lasting metal. It is what is used in the space shuttle. It is a metal that can take a lot of abuse. This is often important for men or women who work with there hands as manual labor type jobs. Men are often harder on rings than women and this wear and tear can be handled by titanium better than by gold.

Because titanium is a very smooth metal, rings made with this alloy are often much more comfortable than rings made of other metals. Some people have allergic reactions to wearing many types of rings. Gold or silver jewelry of any kind would cause an allergic reaction. For these people expensive platinum jewelry was the only option. Titanium wedding rings are now an excellent option for people with allergies to other metals

Many stores and online jewelers carry a large selection of titanium wedding rings which are just a beautiful as traditional gold, white gold and platinum rings. It is good to have more choices in gorgeous wedding bands and titanium is one of the reasons you can have wedding rings of a modern design and durable metal.

Because we are talking of an inexpensive option, check the rings in the Ebay Links below. To see even lower priced rings use the "view all items" link at the bottom of the pictures.

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