Tension Set Wedding Rings

There are Benefits and Drawbacks To Tension Set Wedding Rings

A popular alternative to traditional channel set wedding and engagement rigs is tension set wedding rings. A tension setting is simply a stone set in an opening in the ring. The diamond or other precious stone is held in place by the tension of the open ends of the ring pressing against the stone. You get both positive and negative benefits of this type setting.

The benefits of tension set rings it they are beautiful. The design is unique and this style of wedding ring will draw a lot of attention. You ring will have a stylized and modernistic look whether it is gold, platinum, titanium or white gold. People will be in awe of how your stone stays in place. Your ring will be a topic of conversation wherever you go.

Jewelers state that the stone is immoveable and will never be lost. Whether this is true is a topic of some debate, but it is a claim that cannot be made for channel set rings. Channel set stones often work themselves loose and may be lost. HOWEVER, other jewelers state they have been contacted to replace tension set stones. It is still up for debate which style of setting is more secure for your diamond, tension set or channel set.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks to this style ring. It is difficult to resize these rings and keep the correct tension for holding the stone in place. Wedding rings are worn forever, but as time goes by people gain or lose weight and rings must be resized.

One other drawback is that it is very easy for a person to intentionally remove the stone from a tension set ring. This makes it easy for fraud claims of lost stones by unscrupulous buyers.

It seems that if you are thinking about this style ring, you should talk it over carefully with your jeweler.

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