Planning A Second Wedding

Your second wedding can be in a church, on the beach or in your back yard

Are your second wedding plans in place? Are you in doubt about the etiquette and what is or is not acceptable? A second wedding is not much different from a first wedding and can be just as memorable. There are a few differences, so here are a few tips to make your wedding day a very memorable one.

Couples who have been previously married may have children and previous family members who should be informed before your announcement is made public. This small courtesy will go a long way in making all family members a happy part of your wedding ceremony.

When registering for gifts at various stores think about what you really need as a couple. If you are merging two households, you probably have most of the more common gifts. Some things that would make your new home unique to you as a couple might be bedding, towels, dishes or curtains.

This is also a good way of thinking if you should be buying gifts for a second marriage couple. Buy a gift that would make their home unique to them or might help remodel their home in some fashion.

For many years, white was reserved for first marriages. That is no longer the case. Modern second marriage brides often wear a white flowing gown and it is considered perfectly acceptable.

You should avoid wearing a veil. The wedding veil is considered a sign of virginity. Instead of a veil, consider wearing a crown or tiara. Even a beautiful new hairstyle will set you apart and beautify your wedding and make you look and feel just as wonderful as you did the first time you were married.

When you think of a place to get married, you probably have more options than you did with your first marriage. Often a first marriage is in a place parents choose. Now is the time to think of where you would truly like to be married. In New York or California. How about Hawaii or Fiji? You could have a traditional church wedding, but the choices are yours. Your second wedding plans may be much more flexible than your first wedding plans.

Make your choice as a joint decision so you are both happy with the place you take your vows. Get together and think about having a themed wedding. You could go to Las Vegas and get married by "Elvis" or have a Japanese themed wedding. See our site map for more ideas on themed weddings.

When children are involved from your previous marriage, it is important to let them know they a very important part of you second wedding. Instead of a ceremony joining a man and a woman, you can have a ceremony that joins you as a family since you will be joining families. Why not include the children in the ceremony. Have you son walk you down the isle and your daughter as an honorary attendant. Younger children could be dresses as a miniature bride and groom.

It is important to make the children a part of your new union. You must make them feel that this is not just a marriage of two people, but also a marriage of an entire family.

This is your opportunity to make your second marriage something different and beautiful. You can do things you only dreamed of before. Your wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Make this day the joining of two families that will spend the rest of their lives together.

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