Natural Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Your wedding can be in a church, on the beach or in your back yard

The key to pulling off a successfully themed outdoor wedding is to find a theme that works for the couple’s personality and is naturally suited to the outdoor venue. Nature itself can provide all of the outdoor wedding ideas a person needs to design the ideal event. An easy inspiration for outdoor wedding ideas is the four seasons.

The seasons of the year have definite color palettes, floral options and food inspirations for the menu. The planner looking for outdoor wedding ideas should not be confined by the season of the year the wedding is scheduled to take place. Usually outdoor weddings are scheduled during the most moderate weather months like May through July.
The fact that a wedding takes place in the summer season does not mean that the theme of the wedding can’t be autumn or winter. These wedding ideas are meant to be used no matter what time of year the happy occasion takes place. A winter themed wedding may seem difficult to pull off in the middle of summer but that actually will contribute to the guests’ enjoyment. What could be more refreshing and luxurious than the connotation of winter during summer’s heat?

Color Scheme – No problem interjecting white into the wedding! Deep rich colors such as burgundy, navy blue, or pine green to contrast with a snow white wedding gown. Dusky hues of rich gray and midnight blue would add winter formal elegance to your winter themed outdoor wedding ideas.

Menu – Richness and warmth should be conveyed through the outdoor wedding ideas for food. A soup is a good appetizer and if the wedding is taking place in the summer, consider a cold soup. Red meats and hearty seafood like salmon or crab dishes coupled with variations of potatoes are good winter themed menu idea starters.

Floral – Bouquets should highlight strong white flowers like roses with evergreen foliage. Don’t be afraid of using mistletoe – the sprays are easy to mold into a neat and sturdy arrangement. A single white rose or small arrangement fits the theme as well since flowers are scarce and more valuable in the winter.

Center Pieces – Elements of the floral arrangement can be interwoven through wreaths of dry branches. These are easily found at most hobby and fabric stores. The center of the wreath can have large pillar candles or glass enclosed candles. Avoid scented candles, though. The perfume can interfere with the food even though the table may be outside.

Outdoor wedding ideas can be derived from all four of the seasons in a similar fashion. The key is to use nature for the inspiration of the outdoor wedding ideas instead of trying to turn an outdoor venue into one that resembles an indoor space.

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