Making A Wedding Speech

Tips To Help When You Are Asked To Make a Speech At A Wedding

One day you may be called upon to make a speech at someone's wedding. You might be the proud father of the bride or the best man. Regardless of who you are or why you were asked, it is a good idea to get some tips on how to make a wedding speech. If you aren't used to speaking in public, maybe our tips will help you in this sometimes challenging situation.

First of all, keep it short and simple. You may think you are a great and humorous orator, but at a wedding not many will be interested in hearing you drone on for half an hour or more. It is best to keep you speech under five minutes. All of the guests will appreciate a short speech.

Unless you are a professional comedian, save the jokes for another time. Many public speakers start of with a joke to warm up their audience. You don't have to warm them up. They aren't at the wedding to hear speeches. If you really have to make jokes make them appropriate for all ages. Be sure the jokes fit the occasion. A joke about the groom may come off as funny, but one about the bride is sickly a no-no. Wedding speeches should be to share beauty and happiness, not to embarrass or humiliate.

If you share sentimental stories about the bride and groom, you may give your audience a warm and fuzzy feeling. Sentimentality really works and if the focus of your wedding speech is on love and roses and felling of kittens and puppies you will captivate everyone. Some listener may even get a little gushy and need a tissue or hanky.

You are not in a speech contest and this wedding day is not about you. It is important to keep this in mind when preparing and making your speech. Even if you are very popular, this day is not about you. People are there to see the bride and groom. It is important to keep speeches at weddings on topic and cheerful. This is their day of glory. Keep your stories centered on the happy couple. Don't embarrass them or bring up negatives from the past.

By keeping it short, simple and sweet, you will be successful in making your speech. With an uncomplicated speech you won't have to worry about getting tongue tied and you will come off cool and collected. Remember this is a happy day for the wedding couple. Make your speech one the keeps this spirit in mind.

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