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Your wedding can special with a reading from favorite literature

Today there are many recital options that can make a wedding even more special. They can be separate or incorporated into the wedding vows. With so many ceremony choices, it can be a challenge deciding what to incorporate into our ceremony.

A literary wedding reading included in your ceremony can add beauty, meaning and a touch of romance to an otherwise traditional ceremony. Romantic readings or poetry, dreamy prose or Shakespearean verse during your wedding ceremony can add a truly refined touch to an already beautiful service.

There is no limit to the available literature you can choose a wedding literary reading from. From Biblical passages to more modern works by familiar authors, the choice is unlimited. Any writing that relates to love, devotion and commitment can be an excellent choice for a wedding reading. It is up to you to make the choice. You can follow traditional, modern or even unusual readings at your wedding ceremony.

The most frequent readings come from love poems and prose. From Elizabeth Barrett Browning's, "How Do I love Thee" to Shakespearean sonnets to selections from your favorite love novel, you can make your ceremony even more memorable with a reading. If the passages have meaning to your relationship and are insightful to the beauty of marriage, a reading will memorable in the minds of your guests.

Of course, inspirational wedding readings from the Bible are very common. The Bible has wonderful passages that have become standard in many church weddings. From I Corinthians, "Love is patient and kind" comes to mind. In the fifth chapter of Ephesians, there is the "husbands love your wives" passage.
Adding inspirational poetry can also be used, as can quotations from your favorite inspirational ministers or speakers. Any reading that lifts the spirits and is appropriate to a wedding will enhance your ceremony.

You can become very creative with out of the ordinary wedding readings. Your reading may seem original and appropriate, or just plain odd. One couple's wedding I read about was "performed" by the bride, groom and wedding party, who were all actors. They took the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and made it into a beautiful wedding ceremony complete with period costumes.

Another I heard of, the bride and groom recited lyrics to Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard light. While not appropriate to a wedding, it fit the pair's personality and gave the guests quite a laugh. Light hearted ceremonies like this won't work for everyone, but it is an example of what you can do when it fits you and your betrothed.

All of these examples show you that a literary readings at your wedding can run from romantic to religious and from serious to comic. You may or may not choose to include a reading in your wedding, but as you can see the choices are unlimited if you do decide to, it is entirely up to you.

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