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Las Vegas Offers Many Wedding Options

Las Vegas is called "The Entertainment Capital of the World". While there is no end to the entertainment offered, a more fitting designation is Las Vegas's secondary title "The Wedding Capital of the World." Las Vegas weddings have become the stuff that legends, sitcom jokes, and tabloid pages are made of over the years, and Vegas lives up to the legend with over 100,000 couples tying the proverbial knot for better or for worse in the Nevada neon every year.

The reason for Las Vegas' reputation as the hot spot for quickie marriages is twofold. First of all, the requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Clark County are very lax, with no blood test or waiting period required. Essentially anyone who is able to show up with the $55.00 license fee and a willing potential spouse is just a step away from a Las Vegas wedding that can be as lovely or as corny as the couple desires. Often times the corny factor increases in direct relation to the amount of alcohol the participants have consumed. It is surely the more intoxicated of couples that opt to be married by an Elvis impersonator. Secondly, the list of celebrities who have taken at least one plunge into the matrimonial pool in Vegas is rather lengthy. In addition to the recent Brittney Spears debacle, droves of famous folk have chosen Vegas as the place to get hitched, whether it was planned well in advance or the end result of a bit too much fun at the Tropicana.

Noteworthy celebrities to tie the knot in Vegas over the years have included Kirk Douglas, Fernando Lamas, Rita Hayworth, Michael Jordan, Jon Bon Jovi, and, of course, the King himself, among others. Some of these marriages went the way of Brittney's, ending after a short or somewhat longer time. Others lasted 'til death did they part or are still going strong. Long-term Vegas marriages include those of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Betty White and Alan Ludden (RIP Alan), and Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. A Las Vegas wedding can indeed result in a marriage that lasts.

The tradition of the Las Vegas wedding is not merely the product of folks acting insanely while under the influence of alcohol and the Vegas party atmosphere. Many couples choose Vegas as the perfect destination for a marriage and honeymoon rolled into one big event. For the couple considering making it legal in Las Vegas there exist several web sites that can help you locate everything you need for a wedding, including the chapel, a minister or other official to perform the ceremony, florists, bakers, photographers, musicians and DJ's, videographers, literally everything that would be needed to make your Las Vegas wedding as much like a "real" wedding as you want it to be. And, if you still want to get hitched to Trixie, the cocktail waitress after winning big at the Luxor at three in the morning, that option is always available.

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