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Plan a unique Elvis Presley Wedding. Do something different!

You know Las Vegas for many things including Elvis Presley and weddings. You will find Elvis everywhere in Las Vegas. There is a museum of Elvis treasures. Most of the hotels have some kind of Elvis

Weddings are a bigger part of Las Vegas than Elvis is. There are about 100,000 weddings performed each year in Las Vegas and you will find wedding chapels all over town. Many casinos have their own wedding chapels.

With so many weddings and so much Elvis, it seems only natural that the denizens of Las Vegas came up with a way to merge the two into a popular hybrid known as the Elvis Wedding.

The Elvis Wedding has been part of Las Vegas for a long time. What may seem like a joke to you is actually a very popular Las Vegas wedding theme. Elvis marries couples every day.

If Elvis marries you, there are many amenities such as being picked up by Elvis in a limousine, being accompanied by Elvis on a tandem bicycle or serenaded by Elvis. You can have Elvis give the bride away. An Elvis wedding is a very unique experience that any serious fan may want to consider.

Around a dozen chapels offer an Elvis wedding. Some of the chapels are even designed around an Elvis Wedding Theme. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and the Graceland Wedding Chapel are obviously Elvis themed and you can expect an appearance by the King himself.

How about a "Blue Hawaii" Elvis Wedding at The Viva Las Vegas Chapel, which even includes a Priscilla impersonator. You see the options are varied and fun.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley were married at the Aladdin Hotel in an eight-minute ceremony in 1967 (in the original Aladdin). Being serenaded by Elvis at the Aladdin Wedding Chapel might be the highlight of anyone's marriage ceremony.

Other locations offer Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas. They include the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, and Cupid's Wedding Chapel. The Shalimar Wedding Chapel and A Hollywood Wedding Chapel.

Each Las Vegas Elvis Wedding has different features, so your choice of a chapel may be determined by just how extensive an Elvis wedding you want to have.

Prices for an Elvis Wedding vary, just as they would for any wedding of any kind. The options you choose also determine the price. Elvis Wedding prices are close to what you would pay for any non-Elvis wedding at a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Therefore, for a fun adventure you that will leave you with memories and stories to tell you own little Lisa Maries, maybe you should look into an Elvis Presley Wedding in Las Vegas.

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