Beautiful Japanese Wedding Theme

Planning a Japanese themed wedding can be an exciting adventure

You do not have to be Japanese to have a Japanese themed wedding. Japanese weddings, although very expensive are very elegant and serene. When choosing a Japanese theme for your wedding, think about ways to achieve an authentic look at a fraction of the price.

For a Japanese wedding theme begin with the bride's attire. Traditionally, a bride in Japan wears a white silk kimono, which can cost up to twenty five thousand dollars to purchase. With a good seamstress, a kimono can be made from white silk. A groom wears a haori on the top and a hakama on the bottom, all in black. The bride will usually change into different kimonos up to five times during the wedding day. Although not required, some Japanese brides wear wigs as part of the tradition of the kimono wedding dress. The wig is heavily decorated in artificial flowers, gold combs and pearls. The wedding party will also dress in kimono's, usually in a color chosen by the bride.

At the ceremony of a Japanese themed wedding, the bride and groom traditionally enter the ceremony from different sides of the room while drum and flute music are being played. A sacred tree, made from paper streamers is then waved over the couple in belief that it will keep evil spirits away and unite purification. After vows are said, the couple then drinks wine, or sake, and exchanges their glasses nine times to symbolize their bonding.

Some accessories to look for when uniting in a Japanese themed wedding include white fans for the bride and bridesmaids to hold during the ceremony, bonsai trees to display as centerpieces on the reception tables, a decorated parasol for the flower girl to carry, and bowls of bamboo to set around the reception to give a more authentic look of Japanese culture.

When deciding on lighting for your wedding, look for paper lantern lights. Hang them in the reception area. For safety, use electric lighting rather than candles. You may also think about buying miniature fans to use as place settings for guests to take home as souvenirs. Chop sticks are another great item to add to the theme of the wedding. Whether your guests know how to use them or not, they will have fun trying and taking them home.

In a new modern era, couples are beginning to incorporate the traditional Japanese wedding with more of a modern Western culture, which makes the wedding more understood by those who are not familiar with Japan's culture. This also means that traditional Japanese wedding dress is not always needed. The theme and the mood are more important if you choose not to dress in traditional Japanese style.

When planning your Japanese wedding theme, read up on the cultures and traditions of Japan and include all or a few of them in your wedding, using your own style. If you pay attention to the detail of your attire, reception decorations, music and flowers, you will have a beautiful wedding with the feel of Japanese culture. Better yet, talk to a Japanese friend or find a new friend of Japanese decent and have them help with your planning

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