Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece

Your wedding centerpiece decorations don't have to be expensive

After lining the church with flowers and ribbons you may find that your are getting close to your budget on flowers. Although the first focus is on the decorations at the ceremony, reception decorations are important too. You can have tasteful but inexpensive centerpiece decorations that are as original as you are.

You can score a perfect 10 on originality by buying small, cute frames when you see them on sale. Put photos of your and your groom in your younger years in them. Guest will love the pictures and will also get to see you in times gone by. Your younger looks as babies, toddlers and teens will thrill those who have know you for years. Memories will flow from family and old acquaintances and newer friends will thrilled to see how you have grown over the years.

For a fall wedding your could use baskets and terra cotta pots to highlight your table decorations. You can fill the pots and baskets with tiny pumpkins, apples, corn stalk and gourds. A Halloween or fall straw stuffed boy and girl will add to the romance of the season. You know the cute ones you see in stores just as fall begins.

The straw boy and girl below came from our local "99 Cents Only" store. They are 24 inches tall and cost 99 cents each. I have seen others that are 3 to 4 feet tall in other stores.

Straw Boy & Girl

A very romantic and cheap center piece is an inexpensive single fish bowl. Like the fringed ones used for Beta Fish. Fill these bowls with colored water, which can be colored with food coloring. Add a floating candle. You may also find inexpensive artificial flowers that can be snipped at the tops and laid around the candles. This will create the mood of romance and add candlelight to each of your tables. Be sure the reception hall allows burning candles.

A Christmas time wedding gives you even more options. Stores are selling decorations before Halloween and you will have plenty of time to find just the right items, You can use poinsettias and gold ribbons for cheap centerpiece decorations. If you have extra money to spend, buy miniature Christmas trees and decorate them with lights and wedding charms for ornaments, which can be found at most bridal decoration stores. Place the trees in the middle of the table and let the guests try and guess what meaning each of the charms hold!

You can involve your guests in your first day as man and wife by having paper and pens as a centerpiece decoration. Buy decorated paper and pens and place them at each sitting. Leave instructions for the guests to give you the best marital advice they can. You may also have the guest make up a love poem to give you. This will get them involved and also give you a keepsake to read on your honeymoon.

You could also put long-stemmed rose or a carnation at each place setting that each guest can take home with them.

One popular trend in centerpiece decorations is to add a disposable cameras with ribbons and bows tied around them. You can type a note to hang from the camera letting guests know to take pictures throughout the night and then place the cameras inside a designated box as they leave. Just imagine the different photos you will have once the film is all developed. Of course be prepared for kids taking pictures of "nothing" and others taking the most embarrassing a pictures they can. You will get great photos this way and some not worth developing.

Whatever you choose for centerpiece decorations, you can create a mood and atmosphere that represents your style, at an inexpensive price. So, hang balloons from the ceiling, let the cameras start clicking and begin your life together with friends, family and a lot of good times.

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