Hot Wedding Trends for 2011

 So many factors affect the wedding trends through the years. This year, the 5 hot wedding trends for 2011 are greatly influenced by pop culture. From television shows to Great Britain’s royal family, couples planning weddings can have so many styles and themes to choose from.

Interestingly enough, while budgets for weddings may be smaller than in past years, a shortage of money can allow for a freedom in creativity and making the most of resources available to truly have the weddings of real fantasies.

The following are 5 hot wedding trends for 2011:

1.     Real Royalty – With the impending royal wedding in England, we are all experiencing regal flashbacks to the 80s and the pageantry of a fairy tale princess. A second millennium twist features the mothers of the bride and groom in a more elevated position in the wedding. Number one of the 5 hot wedding trends for 2011 highlights the single mother with spotlight dances and often as the one giving away the bride. The theme is royal complete with traditional elegance and a modern nod to real queens. 

2.     India – With colors so rich and warm, it’s no wonder themes based on India are so high on the list of 5 hot wedding trends for 2011. From “Slumdog Millionaire” to “Eat, Pray, Love” we’ve had plenty of time and reason to fall in love with all things Indian. Saris, bindis (the dot on the forehead) and henna tattoos make a beautiful bridal party while Indian food can be a welcome change from the standard wedding menu. 

3.     Roaring Twenties – The days of decadence and danger have never been as celebrated as in the hit television show, “Boardwalk Empire”. The third on the top 5 hot wedding trends for 2011 is easy to go all out for. Pinstripes for the groom and antique lace for the bride. Serve bootlegged hooch or moonshine and don’t forget to try your hand at the Charleston.

4.    The Godfather – You don’t have to be Italian to have the most well known movie wedding of all time. To achieve the fourth of top 5 hot wedding trends for 2011 you need a really big cake, an over the top Italian menu, and a crooner to serenade the bride. Sharp dark suits for the men and a celebration of all things “Godfather” can be fun for the guests and couple that loves the iconic movie.

  5.  Organic – The last of the top 5 hot wedding trends for 2011 is perfect for the environmentally conscious couple. From invitations made of recycled paper to wedding favors made of hemp, an organic wedding theme gives the couple plenty of room for creativity and whimsy.

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