How To Choose
Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Even the most adept stiletto wearer will find herself a bit unsteady on her feet on the day of her wedding. The shoe you choose to wear walking down the aisle and for the first steps as a new bride have the potential of altering your whole experience. It is very important that the bride choose comfortable wedding shoes. A few factors should be taken into consideration:

    *Distance and difficulty of the walk the bride must make (staircase, outdoor natural         path, long wedding aisle) 
    *How much of the shoe will be visible
    *Length and weight of the dress
    *The brides degree of comfort in various heel heights

Don’t underestimate the power sore feet have to ruin the most important day of your life. You can ensure fond memories by choosing to wear comfortable wedding shoes.

One of the most difficult dresses to choose shoes for is the traditional floor-length dress. Many women don’t know whether to choose an ornate and stylish shoe to compliment the dress or to focus the choice on a type of comfortable wedding shoes that will make it easy to maneuver.

One thing to remember with this kind of dress is that the shoes will only be visible at certain times such as when the skirt is lifted to make it easier to walk or use stairs, when the garter is removed, and during dancing. Unfortunately, we often feel we have to choose shoes that are strikingly beautiful for these rare glimpses instead of choosing comfortable wedding shoes especially since these moments will be photographed.

Although style is very important, brides should be conscious of the physical demands that will be placed on them for the big day and the need to wear comfortable wedding shoes. The walk down the aisle is likely to be an emotional and nervous feat alone. Since this event sets the tone for the entire wedding as well as the strongest memory for the groom, it is important that she be able to accomplish it effortlessly and with grace. This pivotal part of the wedding can be ensured by choosing comfortable wedding shoes.

For the bride who does not want to take any chances with her big moment, a pair of slippers may be the most comfortable wedding shoes to go with. Isotoner-type slippers come in a variety of colors and materials. They offer shades of white, ivory and silver in satin. As long as they are brand new, they have a ballerina-shoe look that will not detract from the bride’s beautiful gown. The non-slip bottom gives the bride sure footing and the ultimate in comfort. These comfortable wedding shoes don’t need to be stretched, broken in or dyed and can be used again. Romantic Weddings
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