Bridal Headbands and Headpieces

When choosing bridal headbands and headpieces, it is important to not only consider the beauty of the piece, but the practicality. Her bridal hairstyle should not be cumbersome, uncomfortable or detract from her dress or face. It is for these reasons the styles of most bridal headbands and headpieces are relatively understated.

Delicate bridal headbands and headpieces often resemble necklaces. If a specific headpiece has been chosen in advance either because it is a family heirloom or caught the bride’s eye while wedding gown shopping, the hairstyle will have to be designed to support and compliment it.

If, on the other hand, the hairstyle is of primary concern, the headpiece will need to be chosen bearing the needs and limitations of the hairstyle in mind. In either case it is important to remember that bridal headbands and headpieces do not tend to be very functional or strong and should not really be counted on to hold a large amount of hair in place. Bridal headbands and headpieces are ornate accessories and should not be expected to fulfill any other function.

Many brides are surprised to realize that bridal headbands and headpieces require advance fitting just like any other element of the bridal ensemble. Uncomfortably tight or heavy bridal headbands and headpieces can effectively ruin a good wedding for the bride. It is also important to try bridal headbands and headpieces on with the dress and veil to make sure all pieces coordinate well together as they may be beautiful separately but not work well together.

Too many brides wait until the last minute thinking they will magically fit perfectly and wind up scrambling for a replacement. Begin shopping for bridal headbands and headpieces with the same amount of lead time as you would a wedding gown. If purchasing from a source different than that of the gown, check the return policy and explain that you will need to try it with the gown before making a final decision. Most vendors dealing with weddings will understand.

It is also important to have a consultation with the hairstylist regarding bridal headbands and headpieces. The bride should have a dry run with the hair and make-up providers long before the wedding day. A stylists input on the practicality of certain bridal headbands and headpieces will help the bride make the final decision as well as seeing her choice in context of the hairstyle.

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