Bridal Hairstyles


Updos seem to be the most common of bridal hairstyles mainly because centuries of tradition have been inspired by the fact that women usually have long hair. A woman’s long hair has always had some mystical yet commonly held symbolism of fertility and femininity.

At the same time, no one wants to hide a bit of what is probably the most beautiful and expensive dress a woman will ever wear with a bunch of hair. This is probably why it is not uncommon for bridal hairstyles to call for adding hair extensions only to have them pinned up and away from the face. The guests at a wedding want to see the brides face. Her joy and countenance are why people come to weddings. Bridal hairstyles should serve to highlight the brides face and compliment her dress.

After the 1920s and before hair extensions became common, short haircuts on brides became acceptable. Now, they can be absolutely exquisite on a bride. There are no hard-fast rules that need to be followed for bridal hairstyles, but there are some key factors to consider when deciding on one.

         The Dress – One of the reasons bridal hairstyles usually position the bulk of the brides hair on top of the head is to allow as much of the dress to be seen as possible. Detailed necklines and features of the dress should not be hidden or tangled in hair. The majority of the detailing on a wedding dress is found between the waistline and neck so it is usually preferred that bridal hairstyles not detract from them.
The Venue - The location of the wedding and the reception should be considered when choosing from bridal hairstyles. Festivities held outdoors can subject the bride to heat, moisture, wind or all three. These factors can cause even the most beautiful of bridal hairstyles to wilt or frizz. Bridal hairstyles should be chosen with the elements in mind as well as use of appropriate styling products to maintain them through the bride’s hectic event.
The Bride – All the practicality and common sense in the world used when choosing bridal hairstyles mean nothing if the bride does not like what she sees when she looks in the mirror. It is her day and she should be looking at the reflection of her fantasy and best possible self in the mirror before she walks down the aisle. Bridal hairstyles ultimately are dictated by the personality and desires of the brides. The smart stylist will try a couple of bridal hairstyles out on the bride long before the wedding day.

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