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Monday, October 20, 2008

A loving Partner To Help Through Sad Times

When there is a sad event in your life that tears up the emotions of one partner or both, it is wonderful to have a loving spouse to get you through the emotional crisis.

Many events trigger sad feelings. Today, many people are losing their homes to foreclosure. There are illnesses and even deaths that bring on tears and grief.

Tightly holding onto the one you love and working through things together helps ease the pain. Being with someone you have already held close in sad times in the past helps today.

Our saying, "Being married to you means my best friend is always here" doubly applies when a tragedy of some sort touches your life. Big and little problems are easier to go through with the one you love.

A husband or wife if not only for love and romance, but also to caring and comfort. Two can handle any situation easier than one. Two soul mates make it even that much easier.

Why this topic today? My brother called this morning and said his son died in an auto wreck.