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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Romantic Plan For The Weekend

It is Thursday already. Do you have a romantic plan for the weekend?  Romantic is any activity you do that gets you and the one you love active in something other than sitting around watching TV or doing routine tasks. 

A walk in the park or a weekend at a resort.  They are all just as romantic.  Romance is a frame of mind.  If you are together having a good time, that is a romantic moment.  A kiss, a touch, or even a smile bring romance to the most casual activity. 

So, plan a romantic weekend today.  Get an idea and follow through on it.  Later on as you look back over the years, you will never say, “I wish I’d watched more TV”.  You might say, I wish we had spent more time in the park or at the lake. 

Never regret what you did not do, but make it a point to be doing so much that you will look back with memories upon memories.  What you do in the beginning of a relationship helps build what you will still do years later.  Make today your day to plan a romantic weekend.