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Monday, March 06, 2006

Love Is Camping With Someone Special

This coming weekend Sharon and I are going camping.  Love cannot get much better than camping with someone you love.  OK, some of you may not be into camping, so you can change that to a weekend getaway.  Regardless of how you do it,  time away from home with your love is a great way to lower the stress of daily life.

Sharon and I are having fun preparing for the trip.  We have a check list to go down to be sure we do not forget anything.  We started using it yesterday in preparation for leaving on Thursday.  This is the same type of preparation a couple needs for preparing for their wedding.  If you leave things to memory, you will often forget something very important. 

I have talked about check lists in the past and even have a page on the website about them.  Take a look at Wedding Check Lists.  They are even important for packing for your honeymoon. 

Our camping trip is for four days (I told you 3, but it is actually 4 days) and includes three potluck meals.  There will be about 30 RVs attending. A potluck dinner with corned beef and cabbage as the main dish.  A potluck dinner with a whole bar-b-qued pig as the main dish and a breakfast potluck with boiled omlettes as the main dish.  WOW!  So much food. 

More fun!  We will be meeting a couple we met through Ebay up there too.  They live in the area, so we invited them to the Pig Potluck Dinner.  We have known them online for a few years. We have met them in person once for dinner at a restaurant.  This will be fun getting back together with them.