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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Having Fun With Sharon's New Dog

Sharon got a new Saint Bernard Dog.  As we left a store we saw him in a box for only $10.  Since Sharon had been such a good “Mother Hen”, I said, lets get it.  All the way home she hugged and cuddled that dog. We named him DOG which is pronounced “Doe-Gee”.  I will put a picture at the end of the blog for your enjoyment.

We are getting our motorhome all ready to go camping on the 10th through the 12th of this month.  We will be going with about 30 other rigs of RVing friends we have met on the internet.  We will be camping next to a river.  RIVER in California means anything from a trickle up to a big river, not huge river.  This river was only a couple feet deep and maybe 100 feet across at the widest where we camped.  We could wade across it. 

I put up two more pages on the site Florida Beach Wedding and Wedding Favors.  I have a couple more pages in rough draft that I need to complete and the initial site will be complete.  Next I will have to think about other things to add to the site.  I have a number of  ideas, but need to plan them out.

Because it is time to start making some money, Sharon and I are going back to selling on Ebay.  We made our living on Ebay for a number of years and then took a vacation from selling for a while.  We are going back to it as of today. 

Ebay is a good way to earn a living.  You start slow and build it up part time.  Ebay allow us to move from a hot inland valley to the beach within 6 months of starting to sell.  The really fun part of have Ebay as our only “job” was that we worked together.  We love working with each other.  It makes the day go by quicker and keeps us closer. 

Here is DOG
Saint Bernard Dog