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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Do You Want Romantic?

We have arrived at the campground we will be staying at until Sunday. Do you want romantic? This is it. We are parked on grass looking out over a river.  The sun is shining and it is warm enough for short sleeves in the sun.  In the shade it is a little cool. Sharon and I are in the motorhome right now with the door open to get a little breeze inside.

This is a gorgeous day.  Our drive up here took seven hours.  Along the way there were lots of farm workers picking strawberries in the fields.  Of course the orange groves are full of oranges and the wild sunflower are blooming along the side of the road.

Our first stop was breakfast in the motorhome.  We stopped at a state fun trout fish hatchery to eat.  After breakfast we walked along the cement tanks of trout. What an interesting place.  You should visit a fish hatcher one day.

A roadside rest stop is not necessary when you are in an RV. You can pull over anywhere for a break and pit stop.  Our second stop was at a highway rest stop. We needed to walk Poky The Dog, and that was a convenient place as we were driving on the freeway.

Shopping is always fun. There is a big camping store along the way, so we stopped for a few things we needed for the motorhome.  This place is amazing. They have a huge warehouse and there are two acres of RVs inside the building.  It is fun to go inside new motorhomes and dream of what we would like to own.

We love out 1988 Bounder motorhome, but those new ones are really something else. If you have never checked out motorhomes and trailers, do it just for fun.  It is an experience.