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Monday, March 20, 2006

Blog Site Down Today YIKES!

Well, I am not really late.  I am, but with good reason, I could not get to blogger.com to post my blogs until just a few minutes ago.  7:40 p.m. YIKES! 

Sunday was funday.  We drove up the coast to see sea lions and their pups.  We were on a bluff overlooking a beach in  Carpenteria, California.  What an exciting sight. Mothers and babies on the beach and swimming in the water.  The babies can swim as soon as they are born. 

Sharon packed us a lunch to eat on the beach.  Yes, away from the seals.  The wind was blowing too hard and blowing sand across the beach.  We sat in the car and ate while watching the blowing sand and sea gulls navigating in the wind.  It was fun regardless of the windy conditions.

Because of the wind, the ocean looked angry.  White caps and dark water.  It is interesting to see the different characters the ocean has.  It changes with the weather.

After lunch we drove back down the coast and stopped at another beach, but this time we got out and walked along the shore. Still windy, but not as much blowing sand.  All in all Sunday was a wonderful day.

This is what I keep talking about.  Get out and do things together.  This was an inexpensive drive up the coast. Lunch came from home and was delicious.  We saw some exciting sights and walked the beach.  All of this adds to a romantic life style.