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Monday, February 06, 2006

What A Wonderful Weekend

Our camping weekend was great.  What a wonderful weekend it was. We saw lots of dolphins swimming close to shore. We met some wonderful camping neighbors in both RVs and tents.  The weather was not bad. It was warm enough. It was overcast and foggy a lot of the time, but still very nice beach weather.  We live in a beach town, so are used to fog and like the weather whatever it is.

Because we are camping in a motorhome, even camping in the rain is fun.  When you are with someone you love, camping or any activity is a lot better than it would be otherwise.

Sharon’s birthday was Saturday and when we walked our dog late Saturday night we came to another campsite with a roaring fire where a gentleman was also having a birthday.  He gave Sharon a blue and a purple helium fill balloon.  We really had a good weekend.

When we checked out of the campground at noon, but just drove up the coast a couple miles and parked on a small bluff overlooking the water. 

OH, did I tell you we find fossils in the beach rocks?  In this small stretch of coast we have found three fossils.  When we showed one of our fossils to the campers next to use, they found three themselves.  We gave our fossil to the eight year old boy with them.