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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Walking Your Dog Is Romantic

Even walking your dog with your loved one on a daily basis can be a romantic adventure.  It does not matter if you talk a lot, but only if you walk, hold hands and enjoy each other’s company.  Sharon and I walk Poky The Dog daily. We go hand in hand in an industrial area by our warehouse.  Each walk has a touch of romance in it. 

You really have to broaden your idea of romance.  It is not just candlelit dinners and moonlight strolls in the park.  It is any activity you do together.  Time spent together is just a gentle tough away from being romantic.  A soft laughter or knowing smile is all it takes to bring romance to any place or situation. 

Romance is only of matter of what you believe is romantic.  I believe any time together is romantic.  If you love the person you are with, romance is there.  Hold hands, touch an arm, caress a hand and you have a romantic interlude going for you. 

Last night we had a fun and romantic evening sitting in an audience laughing and having a wonderful time. We went to a taping of the hit TV show, “Reba”.  It took about 3 hours to tape the episode.  We laughed, held hands, giggled and participated in the “between shots” MC’s entertainment. 

Reba was great.  We are country music fans and have loved her for a long time.  After the taping the cast stays on the set so people can take pictures and get autographs.

The moonlit drive home along the California coast was the end of a beautiful day.