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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Terri Clark Concert

Last night Sharon and I attended a Terri Clark Concert.  We won the tickets on our local country radio station.  Terri was fantastic.  We really love her music.  She has a number of  songs we really love to hear. 

The theater was the Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Theater. It is a fairly small theater that gives you an intimate feeling wherever you sit.  Since our tickets were freebies, they were up in the balcony.  We take a small pair of binoculars, so they bring us close up to the stage.

Funny thing, we met a couple women at our county fair last year.  It was for a performance by Terri Clark.  Later in the year they told us of a free concert in the park staring the country group, “Sugarland”. We saw them there.  In an email I mentioned we were going to see Terri Clark on the 21st and they were too.  One of the woman was being treated to a night out on here birthday. 

I know the DJ who introduced Terri, so I asked if he would say, “Happy Birthday” to our friend.  He did and she was very surprised. We had a lot of fun.

This is what romance is about. Having fun together and doing things that bring a smile you your faces.

One thing that makes Sharon and I happy is camping.  Guess what?  We are going camping again in just over two weeks. This will be another rally with friends we have met on the internet.  If you camp, maybe we’ll meet you one day too.  Camping with friends is the best.