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Monday, February 20, 2006

Romantic Sunset Soon

Sharon and I are in the motorhome on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is 5:20 and the sun is dipping toward the western horizon.  We are close to another gorgeous sunset.

Our weekend away has been wonderful. This has been a four day weekend camping with other RVing friends.  Three potluck dinners and one potluck breakfast has us eating well every day.  One trouble, every dinner was preceded by a table of hors-d'oeuvres brought by each family.  WOW! An amazing amount of food.

It was foggy each morning and we would see deer in the fog.  You cannot get much more romantic than morning fog and deer in amongst the trees.

Driving home we went about 20 miles out of our way to see elephant seals.  The mothers have already given birth and the pups are very large.  Only a few mothers remain on the beach.  They go out to sea and leave their babies to learn to swim by themselves.  It is very interesting to hear the docents (volunteer guides) tell about their lives.

Not only did we see seals on the beach in in the water close to shore, we also saw a couple of sea otters out farther in a kelp bed.  We need binoculars to see them they were so far offshore.  It was fun watching them dive and come up and float on their backs while they ate.

All in all this has been a wonderful and romantic weekend getaway.  Right now the ocean is beginning to turn an evening pink as the sun gets closer to the horizon.  I guess it is time to close and take Sharon outside to watch it set.