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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mother Hen

Love shows itself in many ways.  Today we were in our office on a rainy Southern California day.  Suddenly there was the sound of a collision on the street outside.  A big rig in the left lane was making  a right turn across the right lane.  The 17 year old girl in the right lane could not avoid hitting the truck cutting across in front of her.  He was making the turn from the wrong lane.

Any time we hear a crash nearby we run out to be sure there is no one hurt or that if there is we can call 911.  Today’s crash left a young girl in tears.  She wasn’t hurt, but she was sobbing so bad she could barely talk.  Sharon went over to her and put her arm around her to comfort her and the girl hugged Sharon tightly.  She was so shaken and teary, that she hugged Sharon for a least 1/2 hour until her father arrived.  We had her use our cell phone to call him.

I have now named Sharon, “Mother Hen”.  She felt very good being able to comfort a young woman who was scared.  At 17 in a 2005 Honda and her second accident, she was fearful of what her Dad’s reaction would be.  He seemed to take is calmly.

So today’s blog has nothing to do with romance and marriage, but is certainly has to do with love and how it can be shared, even with strangers.