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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Going Camping For Sharon's Birthday

We are going camping this weekend for Sharon’s birthday, February 4th.  I guess it is only fair since we went camping on my birthday, January 1.  The weather is beautiful and predicted to stay that way over the weekend.  We should have a lot of fun.

Yes, we are going to the beach again. Last time we camped in a campground across the street from the beach.  This time we will camp right on the beach.  Well, we will be parked on the campground road right next to the sand. When we step out of the motorhome the first step will be onto sand.

Last year about this time (January 31) we were in the same area and saw a whale only a couple hundred yard (two football field lengths) off shore.  It was breaching.  The whale would raise 1/2 of its body out of the water and splash back down. What a thrill that was.

Today we went to our local lumber yard and bought a pallet of cutoff wood for only $8.  We use this as our firewood.  It burns fast and hot.  It doesn’t last as long as logs, but we like it.  PLUS, the lumber yard we get it from is visible from the back of our warehouse.  It is very convenient to get clean firewood.  Clean firewood means NO BUGS or spiders inside the motorhome.  We store about half our firewood inside and half in a metal box on the back of the motorhome.

Do you camp?  Can you camp at this time of year.  I hope many of you can.  This is a great time to camp in southern California because you can usually get a camping spot without reservations.  Later in the year you need reservations for the weekends, and during the summer you need reservations any day of the week if you want to camp along the coast.