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Monday, February 06, 2006

Back To Work

Well, it is Monday and we are back to work.  I wanted to work at the campground but other than posting to blogs, I didn’t do any work.  Like I told you, I really need to learn to work while camping.  Maybe the answer is to get up and go to work and not leave the motorhome until a certain time or until I have accomplished a certain amount of work. 

I talked about the “Butterfly Marketing” program that is being offered right now for $995, with lots of bonuses, plus if you buy it from a sponsor’s link, lots more bonuses.  I thought long and hard on that. I  have a lot of material I have already purchased.  I do not think I have time to read it all and study it.  I will not buy this program at that price.  It may be well worth it and return more than it costs, but I will pass.

Two things I have read are:
1. Put away your credit card.  If you already have a program or two. Get busy and follow them.  There is no one right way to make money. There are a lot of right ways.  Get focused and follow one path until you are making money and then look at other things.
2. Ten progams gathering “dust” on your hard drive or on a bookshelf will not make you any money.  This goes back to number 1, you need to apply what you have and then worry about trying 10 other things.

Whatever program you become involved in, the only secret you need to know is, “Do something daily”.  “Do something” means doing a job that creates a product.  It is not reading forums or studying a guru course.  It means writing or programming or actual research of a subject an immediate writing about it.  Anything that does not create a product is  not work.  All the rest may be necessary, but the only thing you get pair for is a product that is online and working for you.  A product is a webpage with ads on it, or a program or ebook you are selling.