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Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Am I Writing This Blog

One reason is to let you know that marriages do last a long time if you take the effort to create a loving relationship and keep that creation going year after year.  Sharon and I have been married 39 years. We are still going strong.  I want you to know that “statistics” do not mean a thing is you do more than most people around you to create love in your home.

Little things are what make it happen.  Sharon and I were in WalMart Wednesday and I saw a rack of beautiful flowers. I couldn’t believe the sign that said $2.97 a bunch.  WOW!  “Sharon, would you like a bouquet of flowers?”  Of  course she said yes.  Then yesterday I picked her a rose that was on “this side” of the chain link fence where we walk Poky The Dog.

This is even the title of a song, “Little Things Mean A Lot”  Read the lyrics at Little Things Mean A lot. Be sure you keep the little things flowing and your relationship will grow and become better with time. 

YIKES!  One thing! Shopping together can get expensive.  Sharon is a fairly frugal shopper, but let me go along with her and that soft cuddly top for her is a “must get”.  Yesterday we went shopping for a pair of walking shoes for me and left the store with a cart full of stuff.  Without me, Sharon could have bought the shoes and a couple small things and gotten out much cheaper.

Yes, it is fun to go shopping together in spite of the dangers.