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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bitter Sweet Memories

Do you have any bitter sweet memories?  Our 39 years of marriage together have given us some of the most wonderful memories.  Even the bad times are overshadowed by the good. 

When I was down sized in 1995, it started a cascading financial spiral downward.  Do not worry, every year of our “problems” were  good times in spite of losing our house to foreclosure, our car to the same bank in the middle of the night to the “repo man”.  YES, we smile and go on  with life.  I think that is part of our success and has helped keep us going strong for 39 years.

Anyway, what brings this up is, this coming Saturday, we are going back to the town we lived in .  We live on the coast now, but we did live 60 miles inland.  After losing our house we ended up on a 32 acre property shared with another family.  They had the main house and we rented the guest house and an old restaurant to store our business “junk” in. 

We tried to go to the property earlier this year, but the 2005 winter storms took out the road up the canyon.  It took over a year for the road to be repaired and reopened..  We want to drive up and see what storm damage did to the property we lived on. 

Talk about luck, we moved from there before the BIG wildfire came through and burned the place down.  The other family had moved out also.  Here are pictures of the place before and after the fire San Francisquito Canyon Home

Yes, bittersweet memories.