10 Tips for the Best Wedding Flowers

Some money saving tips on beatiful wedding flowers.

No wedding is complete without flowers.  Wedding flowers are indispensable at the wedding ceremony and reception as well as in the bridal bouquet and attendants’ bouquets.  Flowers, however, can be very expensive and you can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on floral arrangements.  The following tips will ensure that you get the best wedding flowers while keeping your budget in control.

1. Talk To Your Florist
Communicate with your floral designer or florist and let her know your vision, expectations, likes and dislikes.  Be flexible and be ready to consider your florist’s advice on possible substitutions.  Your florist wants your wedding to be as breathtaking as you want it to be.

2.  Choose Wedding Flowers In Season.
In-season bridal flowers are less expensive than other blooms.  Find out what flowers are common for all seasons.

3.  Ask For Inexpensive Options
Selecting certain flowers can make a huge difference on wedding flower costs.  Hydrangeas are expensive but a bunch of affordable carnations can mimic the look of a hydrangea.  Combine flowers to provide the most impact at the least cost.

4.  Pick A Color And Design Scheme.
Instead of a flower scheme, let your floral designer come up with the colors and designs you envision that will fit your budget.  A florist with enough experience can show you how some flowers can be substituted for others and save you big money.

5.  Recycle And Reuse Your Blooms
Cut costs by reusing your ceremony flowers at the reception.  Aisle flowers can be used as table centerpieces while larger altar floral arrangements can be moved to the buffet table.  Your florist will be more than happy to move the wedding flowers to the reception after the ceremony.

6.   Include Greenery
Stretch your wedding flower budget by incorporating foliage in the floral arrangement.  Your florist can add greenery with unusual textures and silhouettes to make a stunning wedding centerpiece.  Foliage is less expensive than most flowers.

7.  Take Care Of Your Blooms
Some flowers, like hydrangeas, must stay hydrated.  Without water, their average lifespan is only about three hours.  Make provisions to keep your bouquet fresh throughout the ceremony and reception.

8.  Don’t Be Afraid Of Pricey Blooms
You don’t have to avoid the more expensive flowers like orchids, calla lily, gardenia, lily of the valley, etc.  A cattleya orchid may be expensive but a single bloom can have a greater impact than a bouquet of roses.

9.  Avoid Strongly Scented Flowers
Highly aromatic flowers may seem like a good idea but some of your guests may be sensitive or allergic to them.  Limit the use of strongly scented flowers to your bridal bouquet or altar arrangements.

10.  Bring Samples To Your Florist
Help your florist create the wedding flower arrangement you want by showing her samples of your favorite colors, swatches of materials, and pictures from magazines and websites that show your décor preferences.

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