A Romantic Beach Wedding

A romantic wedding on the beach creates cherrished memories

The beach is a wonderful place to visit. It is very romantic to watch the sunset from. It is an excellent place to get married. You will have beautiful memories to share for years to come. Nothing is more memorable than love and marriage on the beach.

Picture a sandy beach, the sound of waves, the smell of fresh air and a gentle breeze blowing through your hair. Although romantic and memorable, there are details to pay attention to if you are planning a beach wedding.

Before choosing a specific location for your beach wedding, check weather climates for the date you want to get married on. It would be more than a memorable wedding if you reserved your wedding date for hurricane season! Even that "gentle breeze" can become a stiff, sand blowing wind on the beach.

When you have picked your beach wedding location, check to see if it is a public or private beach. There may be limitations for either when holding weddings and receptions on the premises. Be sure to ask a county or city clerk if there are any permits needed for your wedding and apply for them several months ahead of time.

Think ahead when planning a beach wedding. For instance, sitting chairs directly on the sand is not a good idea, because they will eventually start to sink. Instead, consider renting special flooring to place the chairs on. Also consider renting canopies to shelter any wind hazards that may come up suddenly, providing umbrellas to shade your guests, if having a day wedding, and offer bottled water if the temperatures are hot.

Speaking of sand, it can be hot in the summer. It can get into places you never expected it to get. Kids may throw sand just because they are kids.

Do you have some rowdy friends? You may have people swimming who really didn't want to. Others may jump in the water just because it is there. You know your friends, so keep this in mind.

Be sure to let guests know what to wear to your beach wedding. Depending on the weather, you may consider having them dress casually to keep them comfortable in the midst of the hot sun and suggest them bringing jackets in case a chill is in the air at night.

Parking is another consideration to take in when planning a beach wedding. Some beaches place their parking a large distance from the beach itself. If you are having elderly couples, young children or individuals who have limited mobility, you may want to rent golf carts and have "ushers" drive the guests down to the beach. Portable restrooms are another good idea for your guests if there is not a close restroom location near your wedding site.

As is with anything, have a backup plan when planning your beach wedding. Rain and winds can play havoc on a beach wedding and upset the entire ceremony. So, find a nearby building that can be rented, church or hotel. Usually if you are planning a wedding on a resort beach, they will have a party room, specifically designated for weddings and receptions. It may be best if you plan your wedding on the beach and the reception in a nearby facitlity.

If you are planning a reception for your beach wedding, use these ideas to create lasting decoration memories. Buy pail and shovel sets from a local toy department. You can find these very cheap and usually will come as sets. Fill them with bright flowers, fruit or candy. Buy candles with embedded sea shells already molded into them and set them on a dish, surrounded by sand. Another great idea is buying different shaped bottles. Fill with colored sand and stick tapered candles from the tops.

One thing you want to know for sure is when is high tide and will it come any where close to where you are planning to be. Watching people scramble out of the way of incoming waves is funny to watch, but will be no fun for you and your guests.

The beach is often damp in the mornings due to fog. Wind often picks up in the afternoon. If you don't live near the beach you plan to be married on, it would pay you to get local information on what to expect weather wise.

If you use common sense and plan ahead, you will create a beautiful, lasting memory that will give a new start to a lifetime of happiness.

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