How To Be A Good Wedding DJ

Wedding receptions are better with a good DJ spinning the music



Are you a music lover with a good music collection? If you answered, "Yes", you might be able to make some extra money being a DJ for live events. Getting started is the biggest expense. YOU should have a top line of stereo equipment and a large and varied music collection. The rewards of DJing can be worth the expense of the equipment, which only has to be purchased once.

As a DJ, you will be hired for a variety of events, including religious celebrations, school dances and weddings. How you conduct yourself at events depends on the type of event. For a truly fun job, weddings cannot be beat. They are a valuable market for DJs and an ongoing opportunity for work.

So, let's get started with some tips to help you become a great wedding DJ. A wedding reception is nothing more than a big party. A reception, like any party will evolve over the course of the evening. It is the responsibility of the wedding DJ to make certain that the "party" moves along at the right pace.

As the reception begins, people are moving around, getting reacquainted; visiting people they haven't seen for a long time. People will be eating, talking, and congratulating the happy newlyweds. Now it is a great time to start playing the music requested by the bride and groom who hired you. Right now, something upbeat but not overpowering is appropriate.

As the event progress and it is time to start dancing, that's when the party starts. Often people are a little slow to get on the dance floor. Now is when a good wedding DJ shows their personality. Once you have announced any requested messages and congratulated the newlywed, it is time to get people out on the dance floor. Just tell everyone to, "Get out there and move it", "Shake it" or "Just get out and dance".

One problem to avoid is talking too much. Once you've said the things you have been asked to announce. Once you have people out on the dance floor, "SHUT UP" Sorry, not a polite way to put it, but unless you were hired to be a talk show host, your job as a DJ is to play music. Don't try to be the comedian, or try to talk you way through the whole show. This "SHOW" is about the just married couple. Music and dancing are the job of the DJ. You will need to announce things like the dollar dance, the removal of the garter a similar events. Once you announce them, stop. Speak a little as possible. Let the music move the people and the party. By staying off the microphone more than necessary, you will be building your reputation as a great wedding DJ

Hey Mr. Music Man, put my song on…………

You will get request and requests equal tips for a good wedding DJ. When a guest asks for a song that you have available or similar replacement, get it playing a quick as possible. Cater to our public. Treat them like royalty. The warm and fuzzy feeling people get from a special requested song means tips for the DJ.

Don't leave home without it. A famous saying that means you won't leave home with songs like The Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dance. These are lots of fun for guests and standard fun songs at many events.

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