Your wedding can be in a church, on the beach or in your back yard

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It Is All Up To You

A romantic wedding is not dependent on location, size, number of people attending, the reception or the honeymoon. A romantic wedding is a frame of mind for two people in love. Romance has no strict definition or guidelines. You can have a very romantic wedding in the courthouse or in Hawaii. Love is the only key to having a romantic wedding.

Romance doesn't mean an expensive wedding. It does not mean you have to do anything "according to the book". Please keep this in mind. When LOVE is the most important ingredient in your marriage ceremony, you will have the most romantic wedding ever. It won't matter what other people say or think. It won't matter where you get married. All that will matter is you and your newly wed spouse.

This website will offer you many ideas for creating the perfect wedding. It will offer idea and tips to make this the most romantic day of your life. Our recourses will offer you ways to create a wedding you will remember and cherish the rest of your life.

It doesn't matter if you are rich and being wed in a cathedral or if you are poor and are married in a tiny wedding chapel, a romantic wedding is the two of you holding hands, saying, "I do" and a hundred little things that mean LOVE. If you truly believe in what you are doing when you take your marriage vows, that is where the romance lies. It lies in your mind, not your surroundings.

Make you wedding the most romantic day of your life by deciding that is what it will be. It won't matter what goes wrong, who doesn't show up, or any of the many problems that might occur. Your decision to make this day romantic will overcome any obstacles, any problems and anyone. Believe in a romantic wedding and you will have one.

What is a romantic wedding? I really don't know. I cannot answer that question for you. To one person a dozen roses is what romance is all about. To another a dandelion is just as romantic. Champagne on the Riviera may be romantic to you. For another is may be a cola at the local hangout.

SEE! Romance is only a state of mind. A romantic wedding is two people being in a place you are both happy and enjoy being there. That takes everything else out of the picture. It is just you, your love and getting married. Nothing else good or bad will affect your romantic wedding if you keep this in mind.

So with that in mind I would like to introduce you to our site. It is about romantic weddings in many settings and places. Our site map will change as articles are added. Look for lots of change as we grow.

If you had a romantic wedding and would like us to publish your story, contact us in the email link at the bottom of any of our pages. I can't guranatee we will publish it, but there is a good chance we will. Don't worry about how well you write. If you write at a 9th grade level or better, your article has a good chance of being part of our romantic wedding website.

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